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May you live in interesting times – The AvMA Conference

This apocryphal expression, attributed to ancient China, sometimes referred to as the ‘Chinese Curse’ seems particularly apt at the moment for the NHS.

As our population ages, treatments become more sophisticated, the cost of medical care will continue to increase. How does our society pay for free at the point of delivery treatment? Politicians tie themselves knots on how to reform the NHS without breaking political taboos. Good luck to them!

On any given day, the media is filled with stories and commentary both praising and criticising the NHS, shining a light onto its successes and failures. With such monolithic institutions, transparency and accountability is in the public interest. The idea that an entity such as the NHS is above the normal expectations of openness and honesty is just not acceptable to us these days.

Over the years we have seen some appalling situations made worse by the defensive attitude taken by the NHS and their lawyers. This makes the work of AvMA and other patient groups all the more important in supporting both individuals and those that seek to support them.

We are keen exhibiters at AvMA’s conferences and tend to do about two a year. We will be in Leeds this Friday (26th). So please come along and say ‘hello’ and we would be delighted to tell you all about our new clinical negligence disbursement funding scheme (See clinical-negligence-disbursement-funding). It is all about how to help clients protect afford the cost of litigation when there is no recourse left but legal action. We can both insure a case against loss as well provide monies on ongoing bases to pay for disbursements.

We know how tiring tramping around a conference can be so visit our sponsored juice bar and have a refreshing drink on us.