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Clinical Negligence & Personal Injury

A successful outcome of a claim is not just about legal merit but also financial strength. Our facility is for your clients who have a meritorious claim but who need funding and insurance in order to secure access to justice.

ATE Insurance

Full market access means that we can provide bespoke policies, allowing clients to carefully manage the cost of their litigation and financial exposure to opponents. We can help with:

  • One off claims
  • Group actions and a portfolio of claims
  • Schemes
  • Offshore Captives

Disbursement Funding

We have access to a wide variety of disbursement funding options, giving your client the ability to pursue their claim with the safety net of an ATE policy, if they lose.

Each model gives your clients the means to fight their litigation whilst enhancing your cash flow in a way that is:

  • Off balance sheet
  • No law firm guarantee
  • Fair and affordable for winning clients (or nothing to pay)
  • Losing clients do not pay


For more information, or to discuss a potential claim, please contact one of our team.

Andrea La Pietra

T: 020 7626 0191


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