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The heat is on at Wimbledon; my first day at the office (they refer to me as ‘Young Tom’).

So it’s my first day here at QLP, as I swap the pages of academic texts for the world of insurance. It must be said that the phrase “in at the deep end” may spring to mind to some – my writing on 1960s American sport (history to some of us) not providing much preparation for the assault of premiums, proposals and policies that are certain to come my way over the next 3 months!

What are you doing here then, I hear you say? Well, in the summer between my law conversion and (prospective) career I decided to follow my fellow graduates into The City for a dose of commercial experience, and this time Insurance is the golden ticket. Indeed, as the Professional Indemnity Campaign ramps us ahead of the rush of October renewals I have been selected as the extra ‘team-mate’ to come on board and join the team.

Like Andy Murray walking out at Wimbledon this week, or the crews at Henley, it is a mix of nervousness and excitement. One thing that is for certain is that the opportunity to turn my hand towards broking will be an invaluable experience, and a great insight into the realms of insurance.

Here’s hoping that my skills and previous experience will allow me to contribute towards the work being undertaken here at QLP, generate some business, and have some fun along the way – score an ‘ace’ as Andy would say.