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It’s Christmas time (again!)

As you get older life seems to whizz by and so here we are again, approaching Christmas. The party (both family, friends and business) invites are coming in thick and fast. I have two personal problems with Christmas, diabetes and I do not drink (unfortunately).
All the delicious Christmassy food, cake, pudding, pies, etc. are the top of my list of big no-nos. Problem is I love them, the smells drive me crazy and will power is tested to the limit, then there are the Christmas parties, they start off as good fun, then drink helps to loosen up everyone (well nearly) and I am asked about lifts home
As a typical middle aged male (I can still look back and remember middle age) I need the lubrication of drink to help me ‘dance’, without it I am too embarrassed to try (yes, I am a dad). Another phenomenon, time seems to slow down dramatically when you are sober, where as in the old days, I had lots of interesting conversations!
There are good points, lots of people are nice to you, after all, I would not mind driving them home, would I?
Having said all the above, Christmas is a good time to catch up with people, an office party can lead to mutually beneficial business. Re-igniting old links and the best part?
In the morning I can remember!!!!!

So a very Happy Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year to you all.