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Old Meanings and New Words

Why is it that the multi-media language employs the older less fancy Anglo Saxon lexicon: ‘poke’, ‘like’, “hit” “follow” and others for which I hesitate to ask a youngster the latest definition. (Choice Anglo Saxon also works for Monday mornings when the system won’t work.)

As regular readers will know there are many ways you can communicate and interact with us (Latin derivations), starting with the old fashioned telephone call through to the whole panoply of multi-media.

You can find us on any of:

-Twitter @LegalQLP

-Blogs Follow the news from our website

-LinkedIn QLP Legal


-Telephone: 020 7626 0191

and feel free to hit, poke, like and follow us or look for any of our interactive application forms for subjects such as:


-After the Event insurance (for individuals)

-After the Event insurance (for schemes)

-Professional indemnity insurance

Now the shameless plug: check out our Clin Neg disbursement funding and products for Commercial litigators, as ever click here to find out more:

However, if you are like me and still have not fully got to grips with all of this 21st century technology and prefer to do it the old fashioned way (face to face!) please contact us to arrange a meeting.