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You could not make it up!

Whiplash has always been controversial, in September for instance, we know of a case where of 4 people make a claim against a lorry driver after he crashed into the back of their car. Unfortunately for the claimants the driver had a video camera in his cab. It showed the car deliberately swerving in front […]

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The way ahead

Here at QLP we are coming to the end of the Solicitors’ professional indemnity season and looking ahead, what next? Well the obvious answer is Christmas! But on a more cheerful note, what is happening. Here at QLP we have put in a new computer system. Re done the wiring even have new chairs but […]

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"Relief from Sanctions – the view from the less expensive seats" by @QLPLegal on @LinkedIn linkedin.com/pulse/article/…

About 2 weeks ago from Qlp Legal's Twitter via Twitter for Websites

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