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A view from the screen

In our modern world we all use technology without a thought.  We buy and sell, check facts, look for bargains and so on.  For most people the internet forms the backbone to our lives, holidays, nights out, that late birthday card or present all can be sorted using the internet.

This level of interaction is not continued into our business lives, tablets, smart phone, Wifi etc.  We rely on these devices in our personal lives but are more reluctant in business, why?

If asked most of us would cite security, we have all read about mistakes made, (the embarrassing photos that can and have led to a P45), and using technology these mistakes run around the world to most peoples’ amusement.

But, rest assured it will come and those at the forefront of this revolution will reap the benefit.

Here at QLP we are embracing this brave new world.  Our stamp bill is about 10% of what it was, the time taken to process a case has reduced by up to 75%.  Admin has been greatly reduced enabling us to take on more work without increasing the staffing levels.

A drawback to this new situation is people come to expect this level of service, if you are not in the game you will lose business.

So where do we go from here?  The future seems to be a streamlined business model, everything can be sorted so much more quickly on the internet.  Time will come, in the not too distant future, where papers will be served via the net.  We already transfer them via the net.  Just a thought, will court fees reduce?  I think we know the answer to that!

Looking further ahead, Wi-Fi is everywhere, we do not even have to be in the office to access our network, and the cloud is gaining pace, offering more options.  How soon before we downsize our office space?

What could be better than on a nice summer’s day sitting outside a coffee shop working on our tablets?  Will formal office space just be there for meetings or will meeting end up on the tablet?  Using services like VOIP and Skype mean no phone charges, even international calls are free.

We can reduce costs and in many ways improve the quality of our working lives, win win?

From a personal view point, I hope the office environment does not disappear altogether, after all, homo sapiens are programmed to interact with its own.  Will costs reduction prove too much?  I will leave you to decide.