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The Blood Moon

In times gone by prophecy has been a big part of peoples’ lives as unforeseen events have always been feared as giving notice of disaster. Mark Blitz and John Hagee (for example) believe that yesterday’s super-duper Blood Moon foretells difficult and trying times ahead.

But, looking at other names for this particular moon, it has been known as the Harvest Moon since time immemorial and this is usually a good time, celebrated all over the world as such.

Looking through history we note that there can be up to 8 Blood Moons in a century and are we therefore in line for a 50:50 good & bad? From my point of view, I think the world is carrying on as it always has done, the good, bad and so-so. We just know about more, more quickly, remember bad news sells.

If I am wrong, it does not matter, it’s all over anyway.

For the nervous among you, you can insure against an Act of God, so why not give it a try?


(As for Mr Blitz & Mr Hagee, they are Christian ministers and the joint authors of The Blood Moon Prophecy an apocalyptic prophecy)