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The ‘Fundamentally Dishonest’ Wardrobe

It is not often that a wardrobe plays a starring role in fiction. A gateway to Narnia, a hiding place perhaps, but rarely the perpetrator of an assault.  Yet, an IKEA wardrobe recently played a starring role as part of a claim at Manchester County Court last month.  According to the claim, a grandmother was […]

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Let’s Talk about…. Money

It’s uncouth to talk about money (so Brits believe) but like all stereotyping there is a grain of truth to it. Yet unless you are a ‘Trustifarian’ (a position achieved through an ancestor being extremely relaxed about money) earning a living is a fundamental of life.  Work hopefully is more fulfilling than simply a means […]

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Insolvency ATE – the end of premium recoverability

The end of Premium recoverability In a recent written announcement the Minister of State for Civil Justice (Lord Faulks QC) gave notice that “the Government has decided that no win no fee reforms should now be applied to insolvency proceedings. These provision will come into force for these cases in April 2016.” The change in […]

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From Singapore to Dubai, ATE to Funding – A Match Made in Heaven!

The marine dispute: Imagine, if you will, that you are involved in a company incorporated in Singapore.  You have lent a considerable sum of money to a Dubai based entity who has invested the sum in shipbuilding contracts.  A corporate restructuring in Dubai later and the loan agreement comes to an end with the debt […]

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Keep the small claims track limit for personal injury claims at £1k

“George Osborne announced yesterday that the small claims track limit for personal injury claims will be increased from £1,000 to £5,000” A petition is currently taking place in an attempt to keep the small claims track limit for personal injury claims at £1,000 Having reached 10,000 signatures the Government must respond, but at 100,000 signatures, […]

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