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A necessary evil

We all ‘suffer’ from marketing, phone calls in the evening, junk mail, tv advertising, newspaper and magazine advertising, the lists is endless.
So, why do companies do it? It only seems to upset potential customers. Well the answer is very simple: IT WORKS.
With the increasing sophistication of the internet, adverts are everywhere. I used to hate this but am now a convert, research is simple, goods are everywhere (on my small screen). Vague ideas are firmed up and ordered in minutes.
Is advertising selling? Not really, you are presented with ideas but may not there and then have the opportunity to buy, you have to make an effort.
Here at QLP we do market but use the old fashioned method. Personal contact via the telephone followed up by emails and (hopefully) a face to face meeting (even that can be via a video link), does that count as face to face?
We bring new ideas and products to the market all the time. Each has its special nuances and the only way to explain them is in a meeting. So if you get a call from QLP, please take it, you never know, we may have just what you were looking for or indeed an idea you did not know existed. Think of Steve Jobs and the ipad, before he announced it no one knew what it was, now how can you function without one?