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Clinical Negligence (again!)

The AvMA conference in Brighton last weekend was a great success. Thank you to everyone who came to see us, who asked questions, asked for more information and put their card in the draw for a bottle of Bollinger. (See our tweet of the 2nd for the lucky winner.)

The recurring theme in all our conversations with delegates was funding. I know that we have been saying this for a while but it really is ever more apparent that the cashflow v. claimant requirements is an increasingly difficult equation. The smaller value Clin Neg cases are simply being squeezed out of the market at the same time as balance sheets are being squeezed under the weight of disbursements. There is no getting around the fact that claimants need to be realistic and that they must now be part of the on-going discussions and involved from the outset.

Where and when this will lead to is to my mind the accounting truth: businesses fail through lack of cash. We do not intend to create an Armageddon scenario, rather point out that there is a solution. Disbursement funding is available through QLP and it is fair and affordable. Claimants’ liability is ring fenced, is back ended and comes with full protection under Consumer Law.

We were also impressed with some of feedback on the usefulness and topicality of the breakout sessions which covered everything from frozen shoulders (Andrea has been there) to the very on message feedback from the diabetes session, “sugar is bad”.

Please see our blog of 5th March 2014, QLP funding – funding for clinical negligence (CN) cases.