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QLP work with solicitors and Insolvency Practitioners providing After the Event insurance and Third Party Funding to support recoveries resulting from an insolvency.

Litigation Buy Out for Insolvency Practitioners

SBEEA (2015) has allowed Funders (and others) to buy certain officer-holder claims in respect of insolvent companies. The claims are bought from the Insolvency Practitioner for either an immediate upfront payment and/or a share of the proceeds. The funder will then litigate the claim taking the expense and risk.

This approach potentially benefits creditors where:

  • Funds are not available to pursue the claim
  • Liquidation or administration needs to be closed
  • There are hard to pursue overseas assets
  • Small claims are at stake
  • Opponents are unwilling to settle the claim
  • Expertise and investment is needed to help identify claims

Third Party Funding – Upfront Investment

Litigation Funding helps to unlock insolvency litigation by providing the financial means to fight.

Funding can be used to pay for all of the costs of pursuing a claim, including: legal representative’s fees, Counsel’s fees, disbursements, Court fees (as well as Tribunal and Arbitration fees) and Costs Security fees.

We can help with:

  • Full claim funding
  • Court Fee funding
  • Portfolio funding: a fighting fund for your firm to invest in a book of business

Court Fee Funding

QLP’s Court Fee Funding is an affordable and easy to use facility that provides your commercial clients with monies to cover Court fees or specific disbursements. It is designed to help your clients even if their claims are of modest value.

ATE Insurance – Peace of Mind

The financial risks of insolvency disputes can be managed and contained with up to £10M of After the Event cover to insure against opponent’s costs and own sides disbursements, as well as Court and Arbitration fees.


For more information, or to discuss a potential claim, please contact one of our team.

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