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What is incidental?

It’s a curious word, incidental. Originating somewhere in the 17th Century with roots in Latin, it has a surprisingly wide range of definitions. Indeed, even a cursory ‘surf’ of the internet will come up with the following subtle variations: Less important than the thing something is connected with or part of Happening as accompaniment to […]

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Conveyancing – is the reward worth the risk?

This was a headline recently carried by a Law Society Gazette blog which highlighted an (unwelcome) shift in conveyancing fees and associated risk from a Professional Indemnity perspective. There is no doubt about it, conveyancing and professional indemnity have an uneasy relationship. For every piece of legal advice there is an associated risk but conveyancing […]

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A walk on the weird side!

The walkie talkie – a building that stands just outside my office window and which yesterday had the dubious honour of being voted the “ugliest and most hated building in Britain and branded a gratuitous glass gargoyle graffitied on the skyline.” You will therefore understand me when I say that I was not filled with […]

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The world as it really is?

Just could not resist please do have a look at Cownomics It is so true!!

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Life is moving on!

So I am now more than a month into my time here at QLP, which means (to continue the sporting clichés that characterised my first blog) that I have lasted longer than an Australian innings. It has been an interesting and enjoyable time, dicing with the intricacies of rated insurers, third party funding and the […]

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