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Clinical Negligence (CN) Where are we now?

We are now over a year ‘Post Jackson’, what is the effect on the CN market? Not good I’m afraid.  Every day we hear of new problems with healthcare provision in this country so the need for legal recourse remains as strong as ever and the perverse effects of the new regime are becoming much […]

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Why Bother Insuring a Commercial Case?

Litigation is a fact of business life and as the country recovers from the Great Depression the growth in the economy will probably see a corresponding rise is disputes, the more business there is the more that can go wrong.  We argue that ATE insurance is an important tool in the kitbag. As I sit […]

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Is it time to change the rules?

Reading a well known periodical recently, I noticed that the Nigerian economy had neared doubled in size!  Reading on, it seems that the old method did not take everything into account.  This system of improving, or more properly ‘adjusting’, the figures is known as ‘re-basing’ the economy. Looking more closely, whole industries had developed since […]

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What is ‘reasonableness’?

Though I had better check to see if I had created a new word for the English ‘reasonableness’, fortunately I had not, it’s a noun (The Chambers Dictionary (1995))  Must get around to updating soon! The ‘Mitchell’ judgement sent shock waves through the legal world.  A failure to comply with the regulations had serious consequences […]

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Clinical negligence funding – What is expensive?

Generally solicitors take on the costs of clinical negligence cases by funding medical reports and expenses from their overdraft facility.  This can have an adverse effect on the balance sheet especially in these times of austerity.   So, what options are out there? We provide a disbursement loan facility that doesn’t require you and your firm […]

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